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Diversified Investments Hon Hai Precision Industry, Seabridge Gold -sorry Motley Fool, Royal Gold

     With all the market turbulence it's imperative that investors not only diversify their stock portfolio but choose companies that are already diversified within themselves. Here are a few companies that fit the bill.

Hon Hai Precision Industry better known as Foxconn - This is the company that manufactures everything from the xbox game console for Microsoft to the iPhone4S for Apple as well as laptops for Hewlett Packard; Its HP laptop plant in Chong-qing that produces upwards of 20 million laptops annually, was built in 2009/2010 and made Hon Hai into one of the leading employers in China's 23rd largest mainland economy (where the electronics industry ranks first ahead of vehicle manufacturing). Keep in mind that each plant can have anywhere from a couple to 15 or even 20 factories, in fact Hon Hai's largest in Shenzhen is home to some 300,000 workers. In total Foxconn has factories in nine Chinese cities.
The technology industry has recorded massive growth over the last seven years led by Apple Inc (market capitalization 6X bigger today than it was in 2005 - 390 billion vs 65 billion) which is important to remember since Hon Hai plays an integral role in Apple's success (the iPad is made by Hon Hai at a plant in Chengdu, China, the iPhone4s is manufactured at the world's largest smartphone production facility, the 200,000 unit/yr plant at Science Park, Zhengzhou). In January 2012 it announced a plan to increase its workforce by ten times in a major Chinese manufacturing city, as well Hon Hai recently stated that it will be doubling the size of its flagship smartphone-manufacturing plant in Henan province with a $1.1B investment.
-The company is obviously preparing itseslf for huge jump in size and why not? the iPad holds anywhere from 60-90% of the global tablet market, a market which could grow by 42% in 2012 to 40 million units up from 29 in 2011. As of January 2012 Hon Hai's workforce numbers 1.2 million. On March 11, 2011 Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) had a market capitalization/valuation of $36.9 billion US dollars. (source: Forbes Global 2000 List 2011 Edition)

Hon Hai recently reported a 19.8% year-on-year jump in revenue to $92 billion over the 2011 calendar year (37% increase in December) boosted by especially strong results in the month of December (revenue in the fourth quarter alone was $30B). That's significant considering that Taiwan's other technology companies Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Acer, all reported decreases in revenue (-1% for Quanta to $60b, -21% for Compal to $23b, -23.5% for Acer to $12.4b). Hon Hai profited over $2.5B in 2010 only slightly higher than 2009. The company has $32.0B worth of assets. One thing that could become a problem for Hon Hai is fake Apple products in China. Since the iPhone4s launch was delayed in China, more fake products have been introduced to the market.

Royal Gold (MV 3.77B, 5-day -2.37%, 1 month -4.01%, 3 month +2.77%) Is one of the world's largest and most diversified royalty companies with direct exposure to many of the world's key mining operations through royalty agreements (buys the royalty usually before the mine enters production phase). It then collects royalties (in most cases net smelter return royalties) on the net revenue made from one of five precious or base metals (or all as in the case with Peñasquito). There is little risk considering it is not responsible for mining or exploration costs (like Silver Wheaton). Considering the fact that many of the mines are either not producing or in very early stages of production (Penasquito, Pascua Lama, Malartic) strong growth in revenue (& profit) is likely; unlike other mining stocks, for Royal Gold growth isn't contingent on metal prices (unless of course they collapse which is unlikely given that we're in a commodities bull market). In the 3rd quarter of 2011 Osisko Mining's Malartic gold property reached commercial production producing 73,814 ounces of gold and 40,000 ounces silver (Malartic is home to 10.71 million ounces of gold) - Royal Gold owns a 3% royalty on Malartic.
Diversification: The company remains gold-dominant but that's slowly changing with new base-metal mines coming on tap (like Goldcorp's billion ounce silver Penasquito mine in Mexico). During the 2011 fiscal year 64% of revenue came from gold which is down sharply from 81% in 2010 and 84% in 2009. In 2011 silver contributed 6% to revenue (up from 3% the two previous years), copper steady at 10%, nickel up significantly to 15% from 4% in 2010, 1% in 2009. Other minerals like zinc and potash made up 5% of revenue up from 3% and 1% in 2010 and 2009 respectively. Most of the royalty agreements are for 2-5% however a couple like Andacollo (1.6M oz of gold reserves) which is at 75%.
more on Royal Gold HERE including nickel, lead & zinc production data by mine by year updated to reflect 2011.

Financials: Stock is up 2.77% between Oct 17 and Jan 13 2012, up 7.98% during the six month period ended Jan 13 but down 9% in the month of December. Key royalty claims; 2% NSR claim on Canada's biggest gold/silver/copper/molybdenum project (KSM) purchased in 2011 for $160m; 2% claim on Goldcorp's only major silver mine Penasquito; Barrick Gold's Pascua Lama mine in Chile. In fiscal 2011 (ends in June) revenue was up 58.5% to US$ 216m which is great considering total operating expense was virtually unchanged at $97m pushing gross profit up 190.0%. The company profited 232% more ($71.39m) however dividends were up only 23.5% to 42 cents/share. Update second quarter 2012 fiscal year (ends December 2011): profit/earnings were a record for a quarter at $23.4M up 28% yoy or 42 cents a share on royalty revenues of $68.4M, up 22% qoq. For the 2012 half, net income was $45.9M (up 52.5%) or 83 cents a share (up from 55c) on revenue of $133.3M (up 31.07%). adjEBITDA was 90% of revenue in the second quarter or $62.1M up from $48.9M in 2Q2010. For the September-December 2011 period (2Q of the company's 2012 fiscal year) the price of gold increased 23% from $1367 to $1688 an ounce. The company recently paid $170 million on its debt (credit facility) expanding available credit under the facility to $225 million. $268.3 million was raised in an equity offering held in January 2012.

Royal Gold production update for 2012 Second Quarter
According to Goldcorp/operator of Penasquito (one of Royal Gold's most lucrative interests) gold production will be 425,000 ounces and silver production 26 million ounces for the 2012 calendar year. Malartic (1.0-1.5% nr) will produce between 610,000 and 670,000 ounces of gold in 2012. Barrick Gold's Pascua-Lama mine will bein producing during mid 2013 at 800,000 to 850,000 ounces a year in the first five years. Thompson Creek's Mt. Milligan (31% complete end of 2011) will begin producing 4th quarter 2013. Lac Cruces (produces copper cathode) will operate a 90% of design capacity in 2012, total production estimated to increase by 55% versus 2011 (calendar year). In the second quarter of 2012 Andacollo contributed $16.18 million of the comany's $68.84 million in royalty revenue which is 23.50% of the total up from 20.12%. The only other mine that contributed over 10% of RG's revenue is Voisey's Bay (2.7% net smelter return royalty) which gave the company 17.49% ($12.04M) of its second quarter 2012 revenue (up from $8.06M in the corresponding period of 2011). Royal Gold's four largest sources of revenue contribute 56% of revenue (second quarter 2012); total gold production by them was approximately 92,358 ounces of gold (up from 65,862 ounces) 27.4 million pounds of nickel (all from Voisey's Bay) in addition to Penasquito's output of 5.0m oz silver, 40.2m pounds lead, 78.4m pounds zinc. Quarter on quarter increases at Penasquito were mostly from zinc which was up 35.0%, silver was down 100,000 ounces but gold was up 23.8% or 13,052 ounces.

Seabridge Gold - Unlike Motley Fool I take a bullish position on the company. Since January 6 when Motley Fool considered a plunge in the stock Seabridge Gold is up 10% after being down more than 27% over the three months prior. Why has the stock underperformed in the long term? a couple reasons stand out. The spot price for gold is down 11.0% since early September, also down is silver (-29.1%), copper (-27.5% to $3.63/lb from $4.2 in September) and molybdenum. But unlike other metal companies Seabridge's long term valuation is predicated upon development of key mines Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell (capital cost is $4.7B) and Courageous Lake (capital cost is $1.26B).
When those projects do reach production-stage the company could become the next Ivanhoe Mines (keep in mind that royalty company Royal Gold has already committed $160m for a 2% nsr royalty on KSM). KSM is 100% owned by Seabridge and has a 52 year mine life (adjusted up in May 2011 from 37 yrs due to reserves increasing by 27% for gold and a whopping 61% for silver) and very low cash costs ($105/yr in the first seven years). Also of note: about half of the world's molybdenum production comes from China and China has at times threatened to limit production by labeling it a "national mining resource," which limits the export of the metal in the same fashion as rare earth elements and China can do that through its control of the China Molybdenum, the country's leading molybdenum producer. Seabridge is also exposed to Molybdenum having 257 million pounds of molybdenum in reserves.

Why have investors suddenly shown more interest over the last week? On January 10, 2012 the Courageous Lake property in the NWT added approximately 1.2 million ounces of gold to measured and
indicated reserves at a capital cost of only $5/oz bringing it up to 8.0 million ounces. There's still another 3.4 million ounces that the company is intent on developing. Though M&I reserves are up total resources including inferred remained the same at about 11.4 million ounces out of a company total of 75.801 million ounces. KSM is still home to all of the company's proven + probable reserves for any metal (38.5m oz for gold, 9.985b lbs copper, 214m oz silver). Courageous Lake was purchased outright in May 2002 from Newmont Mining, the USA's largest pure-play gold mining company.
Did you know that 64% of Ron Paul's investments are in mining stocks and 5% of the total is in Canadian junior mining stocks. Seabridge Gold might be one of them considering its valuation remains built on the potential of undeveloped resources.


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