Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bearish Signals Make These Diversified Companies Ripe For The Picking, Royal Gold, Vale SA, Magna MGA, Gold Silver Industry

Seabridge Gold (SA) - Where else can you get 40 million ounces of gold and nearly 300 million ounces of silver with molybdenum to boot for only $286 million ? The company has more gold reserves than Russia !

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Royal Gold (RGLD) - despite a crash in metal prices net earnings have been relatively stable; first quarterly loss in years occurred last December and at $6.5 million it isn't anything to be concerned about.

  • stable business model
  •  cash equivalents up 200% last two years
  •  current assets up 90%
  •  over the same time frame total debt has barely changed 

-> take note however that unusual expense is up, surpassing $26 million last quarter after being nearly non-existant in previous periods.  watchout for mine writedowns.

Vale SA (VALE) - This company is trading at a 52-week low which is what caught my attention.
- maintains high quality mines around the world - diversified exposure makes it less risky (diversified companies).  Vale is a hortizontally and vertically integrated company meaning that it owns the infrastructure and controls key logistic services used to transport mined materials.

Potash, fertilizers are staples in farming - when basic metals such as nickel and copper aren't performing you can always rely on the sale of material needed to grow food.

Over the last year, Vale (nyse:VALE) is down 58%, compared to only 23% for Rio Tinto (nyse:RIO) and 30% for BHP Billiton (BHP) despite similar circumstances affecting all three companies - don't see why Vale stock should continue to be punished.

Rio Tinto - Mega project Oyu Tolgoi is entering a second developmental phase (first one already reached critical production 733,700 tonnes last year (metal sales +$1.6 billion).

The second phase is worth $6.5b but calls for $4b in project financing for construction.

Safe stock pick of the month : Magna International (nyse:MGA)

Thanks to low oil prices and the cheap Canadian dollar Magna has gained a competitive edge - latest quarterly revenue was up $220 million (+2.4%) despite a 10% decline in vehicle sales.  Net earnings were also up to $509 million quarterly (+11.1%) or $2.44 a share.  on the year the bottom line was even better (per share $6.76->$8.69).

Because of these results, quarterly dividend was upped to 44 cents (16%).  
Take advantage of these results before the company goes through with a planned stock split later next quarter.