Friday, April 29, 2016

Dollar Falling Gold Rising price commodities rally silver mining production

What's different about this commodities rally is that it's not just the gold price that's up - gold equities and mining stocks in general are starting to exhibit overall growth, even the ones with known risks kinross, anglogold ashanti.

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Get Used To The Dollar Falling

  • A deteriorating relationship with Saudi Arabia means we might be witnessing the last days of the 'Petro Dollar' - at best this translates into even less support for US dollar denominated trade.
  • China backed gold certificates issued by the BRICS fund gain traction
  • The Federal Reserve The Fed losing control of situation it attempts to solve due to plunging interest rates and lack of interest in treasury notes

Diversity Is Important

  • Don't limit your purchases to just one company spread it around but do favor companies that already have the infrastructure in place to produce gold since it can take a long time to develop a mine.  
  • Also keep in mind that many established companies shuttered a large portion of their mine portfolio over the past few years due to declining prices
  • Focus in on companies that weathered the storm and didn't resort to closing mines - in the short run they will yield the best returns.

Don't Ignore Silver

The gold silver ratio exceeded 80 for much of the last year but now with a new commodity bull run starting to take place, the ratio has already declined to 70.  Considering the recent past (10-15 years) the ratio has the potential to decline even further to below 40, leaving the possibility of a 2 to 1 return on silver verses gold.  Demand for silver remains strong but remember that central banks don't buy it - this means that global economic instability is less likely to benefit silver price and more likely to benefit the price of gold.  In the meantime make silver mining companies a priority.

Kinross Gold NYSE:KGC - has most to benefit from a new gold rally.  kept mines despite downturn in stock in recent years - weathered the storm.
iamgold NYSE:IAG - stock suffered more than competitors last five years down 85%.  key mines remain operational and showing robust growth.
Seabridge Gold NYSE:SA - 40 million ounces gold 300 million ounces silver and that's just 2P proven reserves.  any news regarding mine development will double the stock price overnight.
spdr gold trust
sprott gold trust - can redeem shares for physical gold