Monday, April 28, 2014

Palladium Production Companies With Strong Outlook Anglo Platinum AMS, Chinese demand

Platinum group metals which include palladium, platinum and rhodium have important auto (catalytic converters), jewelry (white gold plating) and industrial applications.  In recent months, people have raised concerns regarding supply since Russian company Norilsk is the world's leading producer of the white metal.  Add to that the potential for worker strikes in South Africa's platinum belt and you have a recipe for the perfect storm.  Europe is by far the biggest platinum group metals customer for both Norilsk (50% of sales) and Anglo Platinum (over 48% of sales).

Russian palladium shipments via Switzierland continue to decline.  

According to Barclays, the Palladium market will deliver a sizable deficit in 2014 which will lead to a higher bottom price.  Not only are Russian stockpiles dwindling but because it's Russia there are other geopolitical issues at play.  Will Russia limit the supply in order to use palladium as a tool to counter economic sanctions?

And don't forget about the China-effect:  Chinese demand for platinum continues to soar.  Recently, China became the world's largest consumer of platinum thanks in part to fragile European auto markets.
Norilsk Nickel NILSY i) world's number one nickel producer ahead of Vale, Jinchuan, Xstrata.  ii) leading producer of palladium.  production:  platinum:  651,000 ounces (vs 683).  palladium: 2661,000 ounces (vs 2732). revenue, percent of revenue: platinum:  $956 million  9.2%  (vs $1028m 9.0%), palladium:  $1,935m  18.6%  (vs $1722 15.1%).

Anglo Platinum AMS-JO i) low risk South African miner:  BRPM achieved 2 million fatality free shifts in April, a milestone.  Modikwa had no fatalities in 2013.  World's largest platinum producer (38%).  production: platinum: 2376331 oz  (up from 2391), palladium:  1556m (up from 1554m).  palladium output by quarter:  428 vs 413; 369 vs 392; 320 vs 356; 439 vs 403.  revenue six months 2013: platinum:  15398 (vs 11705) 63.3% (vs 59.9%).  palladium:  3868 million ounces (vs 3206m) 15.9% (vs 16.4%)

Stillwater Mining SWC - As of December 31, 2013 2p reserves: palladium 10.346 million ounces (+1.59m), platinum 2.873 million ounces (+0.207m). realized prices: palladium $641-> $721 platinum $1551-> $1481

Primary mine production (supply from metals recycling in brackets): palladium   404.2 (395.9)  223.9 (258.5), platinum 119.7 (117.8) 345.7 (154.9).  percent % of revenue: palladium 37.4% (45.4%), platinum 58.4% (50.0%).

Lonmin LNMIY - Fiscal year ends September 30.  i) platinum sales of 696,000 ounces exceeded guidance by +30,000 oz.  ii) three work related deaths.  iii) capex of $159 million iv) increase in reserves at Marikana +3 million ounces platinum group metals, gold up by 0.9 million ounces.  Production:  palladium 320,503 (331,601), platinum 709,029 (687,372).  percent of revenue: palladium  14.7%   13.1%, platinum  69.4% 65.9%

Aquarius AQP - Fiscal year ends June 30.  i) total revenue declined 24% to $371 million; net earnings amounted to a loss of $288 million or $0.6113 per share.. this despite total PGM production up 13% to 325,103 ounces.  Bulk of metals production comes from Kroondal - 100th oz per quarter for final 3 quarters of 2013. Joint parter at Platinum Mile (12,596 oz) is Anglo Platinum.